Testo Mix 400 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Testo Mix 400 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals
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In this way, the duration of action of the ester is regulated. It is worth noting that Testo Mix 400 mg has a very high amount of active ingredient per milliliter, the drug is best suited for athletes in Deutschland who already have experience using steroids to improve their results.

The active ingredient:

  • Testosterone Enanthate - 150 mg
  • Sustanon - 250 mg

How Testo Mix 400 mg von Magnus Pharmaceuticals Works

The steroid mix belongs to the strongest anabolic agents and requires the most serious attitude. It has a pronounced androgenic and anabolic effect, due to which when using it, muscle mass grows quickly.

Testo Mix 400 mg during use

  • Accelerates cell regeneration - the recovery processes are faster;
  • Increases the tone of the athlete - the period between workouts is noticeably shorter;
  • increases libido;
  • markedly increases the transport capacity of blood.
  • When used, the product provides the most rapid rise in testosterone in the blood and maintains its concentration for 21 to 34 days.

Indications for Testo Mix von Magnus Pharmaceuticals

  • The need to increase muscle volume. Up to 6 kg of quality muscle mass can be obtained in a month.
  • The product blocks these actions.
  • Increase of appetite. In order to gain the necessary physical form, the athlete needs to eat properly, which is facilitated by this drug.
  • Improvement of the process of hematopoiesis. Bone marrow begins to produce red blood cells, which carry oxygen to our cells.
  • Testo Mix 400 mg 10 ml is worth taking only because with its help you can increase your own libido. The drug helps to keep the body in good shape, which is especially important during intensive training.

Instructions for Use and Dosage

The steroid mix, as mentioned above, is suitable for those athletes who have experience taking AAS. If you are a beginner and decided to try a course of this drug, it is best to do it under the guidance of an experienced instructor or sports doctor.

The dosage is usually calculated individually, but no more than 1200 milligrams per week. The optimal and side effect-free dosage is 600 milligrams. The course should be no more than twelve weeks in duration, usually not exceeding eight weeks.

Aktive Substanz Testosterone
Wirkstoff, mg 400
Freigabe Formular Bouteille
1 Flasche, ml 10
Flasche pro Packung 1
Hersteller Magnus Pharmaceuticals
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